1. Industrial zone

    Companies located in NanoCity enjoy complete Industrial real estate solutions in a single location. Industrial land, workshops, warehouses, showrooms, fully furnished offices, and a variety of staff accommodation in a community environment helps foster growth and expansion of our Investors


  2. Logistic and warehouse

    Efficient and well-planned warehousing is a critical component of any strategic manufacturer’s needs. We will offer a range of warehousing options of varying unit sizes, to meet specific requirements.

  3. Commercial zone

    NanoCity is designed to be one of the most environment-friendly developments in the region. Extensive landscaping and ecofriendly polices underline its focus on a green, clean environment.


  4. Residential zone

    Offer residents a selection of accommodations from different styles of villas and town houses to a range of apartments and staff quarters. All have been built to the highest international standards in terms of design, quality and space.

  5. Residential for Nano Community